What is Recovery?

According to the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), recovery is what people experience themselves as they become empowered to achieve a meaningful life and a positive sense of belonging in their community. It is a non-linear process of development and growth. 

  • Recovery emerges from hope
  • Recovery is person-driven
  • Recovery occurs via many pathways
  • Recovery is holistic
  • Recovery is supported by peers and allies
  • Recovery is supported through relationships and social networks
  • Recovery is culturally-based and influenced
  • Recovery is supported by addressing trauma
  • Recovery involves individual, family, and community strengths and responsibility
  • Recovery is based on respect 

DMHAS strives to build a community of care that is respectful of an individual/family’s worldview, culture, and beliefs, and supports the individual/family’s overall health and wellness.

DMHAS offers a range of formal services and supports to help individuals along in their recovery. Services include:

In addition, DMHAS provides resources and support to community organizations to support individuals in recovery including:

In February 2020, DMHAS launched ‘DMHAS Recovery Corner’, regularly published info briefs highlighting the agency’s work in recovery:

The DMHAS Office of Recovery Community Affairs acts as a liaison to people in recovery, their families, friends, and other allies, grassroots and statewide recovery organizations.

Substance Abuse Treatment Access and Transportation Line

DMHAS Access Line: 1-800-563-4086

DMHAS has established the 24/7 Access Line to facilitate access to treatment for substance use disorders. Individuals from anywhere in Connecticut may call to help with linkage to residential detox.

The Access Line is able to prioritize transportation services for detox. The Access Line may also be able arrange transportation to DMHAS addiction residential treatment (although transportation services are prioritized for detox).