About Us

Who We Are 

Connecticut Recovery House was formed through a collaborative process in an effort to provide individuals in recovery with a safe and supportive home-like environment as they grow in their recovery toward independent living. 

Located in safe residential areas and just a short walk to downtown New London CT, our single-family homes provide guests a clean, updated, home-like environment. 

What We Do

Sober Living

This is a great option for those needing a safe and structured recovery home from substance abuse. Our sober living program assists those who struggle with the transition process of recovery from Residential Treatment to living on their own again. Our sober housing gives the individual a great opportunity to use the tools learned in treatment while living in a supported sober living environment of recovery.

Recovery Coaching

All individuals are offered recovery coaching services through collaborations with like-minded community agencies. The recovery coach completes a recovery needs assessment and evaluation with the participant to build a recovery support plan. This plan is set to reach powerful, effective, meaningful goals. These goals will be actioned by the client, with support, at a pace that meets his/her needs and builds confidence and a sense of empowerment. A recovery coach provides support, tools, encouragement, and structure. Face-to-face contact, phone, and text are all ways the recovery coach and participant stay connected. Additionally, the recovery coach serves as a liaison to community-based support networks.

Creating a recovery network within one’s community is a powerful tool for maintaining and sustaining wellness. Recovery coaches assist clients in establishing and growing connections within the community.

Why We Do It

Connecticut Recovery House aspires to raise the standard of sober living facilities in Connecticut for men and women in recovery.  We’re more than just a recovery house, we’re a movement!  We strive to meet and/or exceed all National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) standards. Currently pursuing CTARR certification.

"Connecticut Recovery House aspires to raise the standard of sober living facilities in Connecticut for men and women in recovery."