Berkeley House: Women’s Residence
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“More than just a Recovery House;
We’re a Movement!”
Raymond House: Men’s Residence
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Our Mission

Connecticut Recovery House aims to contribute to a recovery-oriented system of care by providing superior, safe, and affordable sober living with linkages to recovery coaching for individuals who desire a life of recovery.

Connecticut Recovery House provides a sober living environment for individuals in recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders.

We offer safe housing and structured living conditions free of alcohol and drug use. Our superior accommodations allow clients to focus on recovering throughout all aspects of their life in a supportive and friendly safe space. Our team recognizes that there are multiple pathways to recovery and that the individual is the greatest resource in determining this course.

Special Home Environment

We offer a special home environment for individuals in recovery and aspire to raise the standard of sober living facilities.

Program Support for Recovery

You’ll find the comfort, amenities and program support you will need to build a solid foundation for sustained recovery.

Opportunities & Challenges

Each guest who comes to us has arrived by a different path, with their own set of opportunities and challenges.

Superior Accomodations

Clients focus on recovering through all life aspects, in a supportive, family-like community of wellness and recovery.

Personalized Plans

Connecticut Recovery House is personalized to meet each individual exactly where they are in their recovery journey.

Recovery Paths

Our goal is to help each person find that recovery pathway, or blend of pathways, over the course of this process.

"Connecticut Recovery House aspires to raise the standard of sober living facilities in Connecticut for men and women in recovery."


Sober Living

This is a great option for those needing a safe and structured recovery home from substance abuse. Our sober living program assists those who struggle with the transition process of recovery from Residential Treatment to living on their own again. Our sober housing gives the individual a great opportunity to use the tools learned in treatment while living in a supported sober living environment of recovery.

recovery coaching

Recovery Coaching

All individuals are offered recovery coaching services through collaborations with like-minded community agencies. The recovery coach completes a recovery needs assessment and evaluation with the participant to build a recovery support plan. This plan is set to reach powerful, effective, meaningful goals. empowerment. A recovery coach provides support, tools, encouragement, and structure.

We’re more than just a recovery house, we’re a movement! ​

“We strive to meet and/or exceed all National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) standards. Currently pursuing CTARR certification."

Preventable Overdose Deaths Nationwide









Connecticut Recovery House is not licensed or certified to provide substance use disorder treatment services, and we are a type of housing in which individuals recovering from a substance use disorder voluntarily choose to live together in a supportive environment during their recovery.